Our Origin

Beginning as a domestic-focused company, CBA AG was founded on the 3rd of August 1971 in Switzerland, with our founder, Emmen Luzern establishing the company name and developing a basic blueprint to assist local companies establish a strong basis within their local canton. Under Luzern’s charge, CBA AG was able to grow its presence within its native Switzerland, throughout Europe and Asia, developing a sound reputation for delivering expert financial and corporate consulting services.

In November 2003, after years of working closely with his father, the company was inherited by his eldest son. Following his father’s legacy, the current Director of CBA AG has ensured the continual growth and expansion of his family’s company. Today, far from its humble beginnings in the idyllic snow-capped mountains of Switzerland, CBA AG has expanded its border further into Europe, and has revived and established a significant presence within Australasia. CBA AG now encompasses a group of carefully selected financial and corporate experts and partners, offering a range of skills and long-term experience, with offices located all over the globe.

Our Management

Having been appointed CBA AG in late 2003, the director has played a crucial role in the pivotal development of CBA AG as both its heart and muscle. Using his connections and wealth of knowledge about the EEA, his determination and focus has been the driving force to expanding a humble domestic company to international expansion. 

Our vision

Cross Border Associates AG (CBA AG) is driven to be the very best in providing consultation and guidance to all clients seeking opportunities across borders. Whether it’s expansion, consolidation or Joint ventures, CBA AG does not rest until your goals are met. We understand the challenges of being an ambitious company wanting to grow and seek new opportunities overseas better than most, because we’ve been there since our humble beginnings right through to the dynamic, proficient company we are now.

In 2017, after years of developing and strengthening corporate ties with partners, CBA AG will open its first office in India, furthering our presence around the world. CBA AG also aims to continue to develop and reaffirm its reputation as a multi-faceted company, capable of offering skills and services specific to a client’s corporate, financial and business development needs.